Gala Games May Mayhem: Town Star Kicks Off New Competition and More

Gala Games aims for sustainability and for offering enough live events and competitive games in 2023.
  • Gala Games will continue with special events, tests and prizes until May 30.
  • Mirandus long-awaited test now open, Town Star and Spider Tanks with special events.
  • All Gala Games accounts to receive three new NFT in May.
  • GALA tokens to be swapped to V2 with new smart contracts.

Gala Games remains one of the most active gaming hubs, with multiple ready-made products and games in the pipeline. Gala Games is also publishing on mainstream game platforms, offering complex 3D games, as well as simple P2E features. 

Town Star and Spider Tanks remain the top features, with Town Star now adding another special competition. The event runs until May 20.

Spider Tanks, the other highly visited Gala Games feature, is also holding a giveaway to join the May Mayhem series of events.

Gala Games focuses its efforts on new ways to earn tokens and NFT, as well as early tests for new games. Gala Games is now focusing on offering enough live games with appealing events, moving from the phase where it relied more on GameFi and GALA tokens to draw in users. 

All Gala Games accounts have now received three special May NFT, airdropped to their wallets. The NFT will be usable across the entire Gala ecosystem. For advanced players, May Mayhem brings the challenge to play as many games as possible, and compete for special prizes.

Additionally, Mirandus is running another test with prizes, for owners of Exemplar avatars. Other games like GRIT offer a 24/7 battle royale. The Superior game will also be free to join by the end of May.

Gala Games Swaps Tokens

Gala Games is now undergoing a shift to V2, after a snapshot on May 15. New smart contracts will distribute GALA V2 tokens. For owners that held their tokens on exchanges, Gala Games is partnering to ensure all balances are swapped for the new token. 

After migration to V2, there will be no more support for the old tokens. Additionally, Gala Games will start burning some of the GALA tokens, extending the quarterly GEMS program. Another burn for around 3.9M GALA tokens will be used to decrease the supply and possibly increase the value of GALA. GALA tokens currently trade at $0.03, remaining relatively unchanged in the past few months.

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