Mobox Mystery Box Sale Window Still Open for Subscription

Mobox (MBOX) prepares for new mystery box drop on Binance.

Mobox, one of the most active games on Binance Smart Chain, is preparing for another mystery box sale on Binance’s NFT platform. As of February 25, there are still two days left of the preparatory phase, where it is still possible to deposit some BNB into accounts and check for eligibility. On February 27, the Subscription event will allow users to sign up for the right to buy an NFT from the latest drop. 

Based on BNB owned, users will receive a number of tickets. Owning and subscribing the tickets, however, does not guarantee the ability to buy an NFT as the sale is partially luck-based. 

Binance NFT will offer mystery boxes, of which the most valuable items will have a rarity of 0.02%. The mystery boxes will be assigned and distributed on March 1. 

MBOX Still Struggles to Recover Market Price

Despite its popularity as an NFT farming game, Mobox saw its native token slide and abandon its peak price above $14. MOBOX traded around $2.49 on Friday, after a gradual slide in the past two months.

Mobox items, however, still command significant value. Top rare Mobox characters ask 20 BNB in auctions. Mobox characters are not widely present on OpenSea, instead relying on Binance NFT for both primary and secondary sales. 

The Mobox game registers more than 20K players per day, becoming one of the most active P2E game, with levels close to those of Axie Infinity (AXS). 

MBOX Open for Staking

In addition to NFT support, Binance adds value to Mobox by offering staking opportunities for the native token. The Binance offer is limited and will distribute 16,400 MBOX in rewards, with the highest return at 39.89% annualized.

Binance added MBOX staking shortly after adding a special high-yield offer for Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), adding another passive source of income from play to earn. As with MBOX, staking AXS has the highest returns for small-scale participants with up to 5 AXS.

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