Mobox: Now with Fully Functional Home Base Building

Mobox home builders will receive tasks every three days to gain Prestige and add Prosperity to their home.
  • Mobox home bases bring a new resource and building gameplay.
  • Players must select a biome and a building style from four main types of bases.
  • Owning and upgrading a home base will bring MBOX rewards tied to overall player effort.

In the past year, Mobox shifted from being a P2E grind game and a GameFi project, and into more of a loop-based productive game. The Mobox metaverse has now completed the launch of its homebase buildings, allowing players to play for gradual improvement.

Mobox aims to tie value to in-game achievement, instead of requiring more MOMO creatures for a hashrate and passive income. The MoHome open version was launched just after the end of the long alpha test. Now, Mobox is also trying to engage the community with the new home-building mechanics.

Players will need to pick the type of their home from the four main categories: Barbarian tribe, Steam punk, Tech fantasy, and Middle Ages. The type of home is not merely cosmetic, and will define the type of resources and crafting needed for upgrades. 

A home base will be key to receiving MBOX tokens. However, the game will be balanced in a way to avoid over-production. The MBOX distributed will be tied to overall activity, not allowing players to over-produce tokens. Players need to mine and collect resources and inject them into buildings to raise their Prosperity score and earn more MBOX. 

To add engagement, players will also receive MOHome tasks every 72 hours, boosting their home base score. Additionally, players can inject resources to cosmetically improve the home base. Before building, players may have to remove barriers or debris to clear spots for the main types of buildings, starting with the Mining Facility.

Home bases will also be built in different metaverse biomes, each with their own obstacles and resources. Homes can also be looted, as in the case of grabbing apples from another player’s garden. 

Mobox Continues with Holiday Giveaways

Mobox is still holding its seasonal giveaways, with daily special perks for players.

Prizes are also available for social media tasks, and rewards are directly sent to a BNB wallet. 

MBOX tokens currently trade at $0.39, crashing again after hovering around $0.50. MBOX is also displaced by MEV for some in-game tasks and upgrades, and it is more difficult to acquire tokenized rewards.

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