Mobox Adds Social Features, More than 2M Avatars Still on the Secondary Market

The MOMOVerse is gaining importance and holds up to nine daily opportunities for 15-minute survival and MOMO creature hunt.
  • MoHome is growing, with more builds producing passive MEC pay.
  • Mobox is trying to add users with mini-games and daily challenges.
  • Beware faked avatars on the secondary market.

Mobox is expanding its MoHome feature to include the potential of adding friends and building a social network within the game. MoHome is already offering active buildings in several biomes and is one of the growing features in the family of games.

Mobox has also released its avatars for the secondary market. The initial idea of avatars was to grant exclusive access to some sections of the game, as well as boost MBOX earnings. Avatars were distributed to early users and were one of the collections on Binance NFT. 

Players need to make sure they are buying an original NFT by only using the official OpenSea collection

So far, only a handful of avatars have been listed, and the entire collection has more than 2M avatars. So far, Binance NFT listing is also restricted, and the NFT items are held by nearly 350K user wallets.

Mobox also puts importance on its MOMO creature NFT, which are the main source of in-game income. The more MOMO creatures owned, the more rewards. This time, MOMO earn MEC tokens, which are an in-game item, as Mobox phased out the payments in MBOX. 

Mobox also moves its activities to sub-games and mini-games, where survival rounds invite players to test their skill in the MOMOverse. Players can access nine rounds per day, where they have 15 minutes to catch MOMO creatures in the wild. 

Mobox Players Move to Mini-Games

The Mobox NFT Farmer feature is losing activity, and is down to 5K users on its smart contracts, down from peaks above 20K users. The MOMOVerse remains the leading game, and as of January, ChainZ Arena, Clash of MoLand and MoLand Defense were the most active games in the collection.

Mobox is also helping with community guides on some of its top games, to encourage season participation and to present changes and updates. 

The MBOX token has also achieved some recovery, and stands at $0.56. Mobox continues with token burns in an attempt to boost value.

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