Mobox Avatars: Now on OpenSea, Beware Spoof Collections

Mobox Avatars still use Binance Smart Chain and trade for BNB tokens on OpenSea and Binance NFT.
  • Mobox Avatars are needed to play MOMOHome and reap benefits.
  • Use only the official links to avoid fake collections.
  • Mobox continues with year-end airdrops and special prizes.

Mobox avatars, the series of exclusive PfP, are coming to OpenSea. After listing for most of the game’s life on BinanceNFT, the collection will gain more exposure. Mobox remains one of the highly active NFT trading collections, which includes both the avatars and the MOMO creatures.

Mobox avatar ownership is a key to entering some of the exclusive competitions and tournaments. The avatars still have a limited trading volume, about 38 BNB the day after the launch. Owning an avatar is immediately useful for joining the recently launched MOMO Home, where players create a home base with productive buildings and MBOX token rewards. 

Mobox warns to only use the official link and make sure the avatar bought is the real one and not a copied image on another blockchain. Mobox still uses Binance Smart Chain for ownership, though MEC tokens mostly remain off the blockchain and within the game. 

Mobox Continues with Giveaways, Community Outreach

The Mobox game and metaverse continue to evolve, despite a less bullish outlook on pricing. However, Mobox is still trying to engage users, with its still ongoing year-end holiday giveaway.

Mobox MOMO and avatars are still relatively accessible to buy, but remain important in unlocking the whole potential of the MOMOVerse and other games. 

Mobox NFT Farmer still attracts thousands of users per day based on NFT transactions, showing a continued drive to stake NFT. Other games also draw in users, as in the case of MoLand defense. Recently, users generated guides for the games to boost international outreach.

Mobox remained one of the most active games in 2022, with regular events and tournaments. MoLand Defense also runs regular seasons with rewards, and MOMOVerse has regular challenges. MOMO Home will also bring new challenges every 72 hours to boost earnings. 

The price of MBOX sank in 2022, though it has stabilized at around $0.37 toward the end of the year. Mobox performs regular MBOX burns and switches to MEC tokens for most of its rewards.

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