Mobox NFT Farmer (MBOX): Boosting Activity on Binance Smart Chain

Mobox: NFT Farmer prepares for MOLand Defense alpha launch. Metaverse land plot map coming in 2022.

Mobox NFT Farmer (MBOX) remains one of the hottest sources of activity on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The game hosted between 30K and 37K users daily in the past week, boosting interest after a recent sale of mystery boxes. 

Mobox is one of the prominent examples of a highly curated game on the Binance ecosystem, which is also highly appealing to players. 

The latest boost for the MOMOVerse is the launch of the widely expected alpha test for a new gameplay, MOLand Defense.

The popularity of Mobox is also reflected in on-chain data, with wallets for the MBOX token and NFTs closing in on a total of 300,000 addresses. Mobox is the second most active app on BSC and the highest-ranked game, ensuring activity on one of the top networks for P2E.

Mobox Plans to Build Complete Economy

The Mobox game will stand out for its unique mining and trading features. MOMO characters will be able to gain various mined resources from the virtual world. Each item will be an NFT which will be traded in a market with order books, similar to a commodity platform. 

The MBOX token will have extra utility in trading those digital commodities, as well as for upgrading heroes. In the coming months, the Mobox game will expand its map and possibly introduce metaverse land plots.

MBOX generation will have a new schedule from April 6, going through a “halving” of sorts, with only 100,000 MBOX available for mining camps within the game. 

How MBOX is Performing

The MBOX native token has been on a sliding trend in the past three months, moving down from above $12. In the past week, MBOX was more active, managing to recover the $2 range. 

MBOX rose after a recent burn announcement, expecting more similar events in the future to boost scarcity.

The total supply of MBOX will be 1B, of which the current circulation is just 79B, produced from liquidity mining in decentralized pairs, as well as from in-game mining.

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