Mobox Ready with Updates Ahead of New Season

Mobox expands its potential gameplay, with new Dawn Launch offering MBOX for materials. MOland Defense Season 2 expected soon.
  • Mobox turns into fifth most used game on Binance Smart Chain.
  • MBOX bounces off one-month low to $2.49.
  • Dawn Update comes with material buyback program to earn MBOX.

Mobox, the creator of the MOMOVerse mining and adventure game, has updated several mechanics in preparation for next playing season. The updates arrive after MOland Defense ended its first season late on Wednesday. 

Access to MOland Defense now has inbuilt swapping mechanism for MBOX and MEC tokens. 

The MOLand Defense update coincides with MOMOVerse The Dawn Launch with new gaming and mining mechanics. MOLand Defense saw tweaks to hero skills. The Momo Adventure PvE reward is down by 50% to discourage bot users, and players will now be able to use rented MOMO NFT characters.

Dawn Launch Comes with Mining, Buyback Updates

The Dawn Launch already employs an almost finished version of the Mobox interface. The biggest change will be the Materials Buyback system, where players will be able to submit mined and crafted materials once a day to receive MBOX. In the full game, items will also buy NPCs, which can then help mine for more MBOX. 

The buyback system introduced will only work for a short time, and will be discontinued with the launch of Momoverse Home. Then, players will be able to use their materials to build a home base.

Crafting from mined materials will cost MBOX fees for Level 0 players, and will be free after Level 1. The map also adds rare items. In the future, the MOMOVerse will also include NFT items from partners of Mobox. 

Mobox Game Universe is Growing its Influence

Mobox was one of the gaming metaverses that promises experiences with multiple mechanics. The game promoted itself through a series of NFT events, exclusive mystery boxes that were opened months after the initial sale and airdrop.

The game is among the most active on Binance Smart Chain, rising to 98.35K users. Mobox, with its simple mining mechanism, may compete with Sunflower Land for a simple, appealing game with a still significant earnings potential. 

After the news of the updates, MBOX rose by 10.41% to a peak of $2.49. The latest recovery takes MBOX out of a one-month low, but still far from recent levels above $4.

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