New Avalanche Games Showing Up in Summer 2022

P2E games are getting displaced by projects building more complete and complex games, while still offering Avalanche access and tokenization.

The Avalanche blockchain built up its reputation as mostly a DeFi solution. However, the game quickly gained new NFT collections, marketplaces and soon, P2E games. Of these games, Play Crabada was the most prominent, mostly due to its high player count and its early start. 

But more games are coming to Avalanche, building on C-Chain or choosing to add their own subnet. More game genres are appearing, also testing new economic balances and tools to achieve appealing earnings potential.

The busiest games on a blockchain are not necessarily the most interesting ones. In the early hype days, many platforms were exploited by bots or multiple players playing the idle game. At the same time, new batches of games attempt to build up their reputation and offer completed products integrated with the blockchain.

Play2Moon looked at some of the upcoming projects on Avalanche Network with development expected to pick up in 2022. 

DomiOnline: MMORPG with World of Warcraft Vibes

DomiOnline is a MMORPG with a complex backstory and a skilled team. The game is still building up its complex universe, recently hiring Anthony Howell of Elden Ring fame to voice the King Latymer character. 

The alpha gameplay for DomiOnline may be ready in Q3, based on the pace of the development team. 

Time Shuffle: Bringing the Play-And-Earn Model

Time Shuffle aims to bring a new model to the Avalanche network. The game will add a token earning option to a free-to-play game. This game also secured a key venture funding round, allowing the team more runway even in a bear market.

Time Shuffle also comes from a skilled team with a long track record, and is one of the projects aiming to boost Web3 adoption among traditional gamers.

The Time Shuffle universe is now preparing for its NFT launch and recruiting its first early adopters.

Ascenders: Ambitious RPG with Mini Quests and Growing Community

Play Ascenders is an RPG adventure game, using the prize pool model and mini-tournaments to drive engagement. 

The game has create a ready to play RPG open world and is working on expanding its fan base. The game is available for Windows Desktop and Mac OS, for now keeping players entertained with mini quests and challenges.

The Ascenders game is one of the few with a known office location and a fully known team. 

Arcade Galaxy: Build Mini Games on NFT Planets

Arcade Galaxy is an idle type game, with a twist – this Avalanche-based project offers user-generated play experiences. Arcade Galaxy also contains metaverse elements, recently distributing planet NFT. 

The planets, revealed this June 5, allow users to create sub-game experiences and share in the game’s profits.

DeFi Kingdoms: NFT Mining for Tokenized Resources

DeFi Kingdoms uses the GameFi model, a riskier proposition but one that also has a higher chance of tokenization with a positive return. There are expectations that GameFi may continue to expand and use its censorship-resistant tools to drive value. 

DeFi Kingdoms is also using the NFT hatching technique, distributing items to use in the game for marketing and greater engagement. DeFi Kingdoms is available to play immediately, with usable NFT granting earnings in the game. 

The list of new Avalanche projects is long, with more complex games waiting in the sidelines. Even with AVAX token stepping back to $25.69 from peaks above $100, building continues and for more complex and ambitious games.

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