NFT Worlds: Last Chance for WRLD Token Airdrop

NFT Worlds to perform latest snapshot of land owners to distribute WRLD tokens.

NFT Worlds, one of the hottest Minecraft-compatible play to earn games, will launch the last airdrop for WRLD tokens. The asset, which will serve within the game and as a source of passive income, is similar to the native assets of The Sandbox and Decentraland. The advantage of WRLD is that it is still in a period of price discovery and may move to a much higher valuation. 

The WRLD will be available to all owners of at least one NFT Worlds metaverse plot toward the time of the snapshot. Balances at that moment will be rewarded with WRLD. 

WRLD is currently at around $0.32, losing about 50% from a recent peak above $0.60 in the last week of February. Most WRLD activity is happening on the UniSwap V3 exchange, but in the future, WRLD may gain more liquid listings. 

NFT Worlds Loses Steam on Land Sales

In the past week, NFT Worlds stood at the top in terms of sales activity for its worlds. But that initial enthusiasm is wearing out, and weekly activity has fallen by almost half. 

The Sandbox is once again almost catching up in becoming a top traded metaverse land project. But NFT Worlds was the first land-based NFT collection to challenge the dominance of Decentraland and The Sandbox. 

The game’s P2E features are still developed, but the cross-platform compatibility and using the Minecraft template may make this metaverse one of the most appealing.

Recently, NFT Worlds ran a test and noted more than 22,000 logged players. At this level, the game is already competing with some of the more popular P2E hubs such as Pegaxy and Axie Infinity. 

Even during pre-season and before the official launch, NFT Worlds can onboard players similar to a Minecraft server. The Minecraft model has been adopted by other P2E, though with lesser success. Recently, Pixelmon disappointed the NFT community by raising $70M for playable characters which looked nothing like the concept art proposed before the sale.

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