NFT Worlds Releases Client Alpha Version, New NFT Mint

NFT Worlds opens alpha testing of its server features based on Minecraft digital land.
  • NFT Worlds to offer Genesis avatars from May 1 in a new minting event.
  • WRLD token still low-priced at $0.22.

NFT Worlds, one of the long-awaited games combining Minecraft features with P2E, is releasing its alpha version and opening up for early testing. Until recently, NFT Worlds used land plots as its chief source of income. Land plots were expensive and early investors could either flip them, or stake them for WRLD token rewards.

NFT Worlds is prominent for becoming the top producer of valuable metaverse land plots. Currently, NFT Worlds is the second-best performer on OpenSea, following The Sandbox. Land plots have a floor price of 7.7 ETH and top deals are more valuable. 

NFT Worlds also adds value by its Genesis avatar collection and subsequent mints of unique skins and equippable items. The long-awaited Genesis Avatars, which may bring special perks along the game, are coming this May 1.

Genesis avatars will have a two-tier mint event to distribute 10K items to the owners of metaverse land plots, and another 5,000 items in a public sale. 

NFT Worlds will aim for seamless integration of the blockchain feature, using player profiles and in-game wallets for most of the operations, and only a last-mile access to a crypto wallet. This will allow for no-gas transactions and a smoother metaverse experience. So far, NFT Worlds is one of the most successful projects that uses Minecraft as a basis. The game takes a more traditional approach with its avatars, unlike the failure of Pixelmon.

WRLD Token Still Waits its Turn

WRLD, the native token of NFT Worlds, is still considered undervalued. The asset moves between $0.22 and a peak at only $0.54, expecting more growth with in-game usage. WRLD is proportionally undervalued to the tokens of The Sandbox (SAND) ($2.78) and Decentraland (MANA) ($2.13). 

WRLD is still at a stage where it depends on UniSwap for most of its liquidity. With more listings, owners of WRLD expect a potential rally. The asset is rewarding for early buyers of metaverse lands, especially the owners of multiple metaverse land plots.

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