How NFT Worlds Survives After Minecraft NFT Ban

NFT Worlds was one of the most successful NFT projects before Minecraft banned tokenized items based on its game.
  • NFT Worlds has given no deadline on rebuilding its own voxel metaverse.
  • WRLD token is down to $0.01 after a series of crashes.
  • Game team still tries to communicate, NFT trades continue at a lower price range.

NFT Worlds is still around, trying to reinvent itself after losing the right to base its metaverse on Minecraft servers. The game encountered the ban while supporting 10K worlds, some of which are staked, as well as 10K valuable avatars from its later mint. 

NFT Worlds is still trying to reach out to its customers through Twitter spaces to discuss the powential of Web3. 

However, the project has been hit with significant anti-NFT sentiment, as well as doubts on relaunching. NFT Worlds recently announced it was changing its domain name as a joke on spelling “minecraft” without the letters N, F and T.

Despite the ban, NFT Worlds only dropped to position 4 in competition with other metaverse projects. For months, the plots of land and their creative constructions were a staple on OpenSea, holding the top position and displacing even The Sandbox and Decentraland. 

However, worlds that sold as high as 65 ETH now receive bids at 0.77 ETH or lower. NFT Worlds has promised to keep the NFT data and make it backward compatible with the new grid game it is building. There is no deadline and so far no data on how capable the team is of making a Minecraft clone. 

On the positive side, NFT Worlds is not considered a scam or a rug pull, and will continue its social media presence and activity. Content generation has been highly active, as well as the staking mechanism to produce tokens. 

The big problem besides loss of reputation lies in the crash of WRLD token, the chief reward for staking land plots. WRLD is down to $0.01 after a recent crash at the end of July, with no signs of recovery. The token is down from a peak at $0.51, when it brought significant income to land owners. 

WRLD is still used in giveaways and as a promotional tool, though there have been community calls to re-tokenize the game.

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