NFT Worlds Expands Collection with Playable Avatars

NFT Worlds (WRLD) plans to whitelist all land owners for its Genesis avatar mint, with at least 5,000 avatars for the community sale.
  • Metaverse land plot owners whitelisted first for avatar mint.
  • WRLD token considered undervalued.
  • Avatar roadmap with awards and utility details coming soon.

NFT Worlds, the leading metaverse project with the most active sales of digital land plots, will expand its portfolio of collectible items. With playable avatars and equipment items, NFT Worlds catches up with The Sandbox, Decentraland and Voxies.

Similar to the limited edition of 10,000 worlds, there will only be a mint of 15,000 avatars to be used within the game. 

How Avatars will Work

NFT Worlds avatars will look like the widely known Minecraft players, decked out with skins and items. The initial 15,000 avatars will be compatible with all worlds and will offer special access to content. Owners will also have WRLD token rewards, similar to holding and staking a metaverse land plot. 

In addition to the Genesis collection of avatars, NFT Worlds plans future community NFT issues with a different set of perks. Both avatars and cosmetic items will have separate NFTs, with the potential for independent valuation and resale. 

In the Genesis mint, the first 10,000 avatars will be reserved for NFT world owners. The avatars will not be rewarded directly – the owners will have to pay minting fees. The initial plan is to sel 5,000 avatars to the wider public, or any unsold avatars not claimed by world owners. The game team will release a more detailed roadmap for avatars and their future utility. 

How WRLD Token is Performing

WRLD stands at $0.24 and is still a low per-unit price token. NFT Worlds is still a game in its early stages, and WRLD is awarded mostly for owning and staking NFT worlds. So far, WRLD has peaked at $0.50 and is considered an asset with significant upside. 

WRLD is considered undervalued in comparison to the tokens of other metaverse land projects.

The token is not as prominent or boosted by promotions, though there are expectations NFT Worlds may become one of the leading P2E and NFT projects.

WRLD mostly relies on the UniSwap exchange, lagging behind earlier arrivals that managed to achieve a listing on Binance.

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