Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Extends NFT Family of A3: Still Alive

Marblex Games aims to integrate the P2E model with a native wallet and a formula-based token exchange rate.
  • Cross Worlds is the latest edition in the Ni No Kuni universe, now open for exploration.
  • The game’s choice to add tokens angered some of the traditional gamers interested in the Ni No Kuni universe.
  • Marblex Games is one of the few studios to build a native blockchain and wallet to avoid using other public blockchains with gas fees or open exchanges.

Another game of the Marblex Playground portfolio is making the rounds as an upcoming P2E hub. Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is already live and plans to expand with a tokenized option. This game, along with A3: Still Alive, are one of the advanced game universes with a goal of adding NFT and tokens as a bonus.

Ni No Kuni takes a slow approach to crypto, initially adding items that can be tokenized. The game is a high-profile launch in mainstream gaming as well, causing a mixed reaction. On the one hand, the long-awaited game will gain multiple followers. On the other hand, the decision to add NFT down the line is angering some traditional gamers, who are skeptical on principle. 

Traditional Gamers Attack Cross Worlds P2E Model

Some are going as far as calling for players to boycott the game. However, Ni No Kuni is nothing even close to a P2E game of grinding for tokens. Cross Worlds edition extends the Anime universe rendered in Unreal Engine 4, and will have all the game’s previous features. 

Marblex Games takes a different approach, aiming to warm up traditional gamers to crypto assets. For this reason, the game uses a native wallet for the whole portfolio of games. Cross Worlds builds its native blockchain system and will introduce a two-token model. 

The team will be more conservative, aiming to achieve a more predictable price of its in-game tokens. Territe and Asterite tokens do not have a price yet. The tokens will be accessible through Marblex Wallet and their price will be derived based on a fixed formula taking into account the game activity.

The approach of the Cross Worlds team is far from the usual way of handlilng the P2E model, where games tap public blockchains and crypto exchanges.

Later in 2022, the game intends to build up a market for NFT. For now, the tokens are given in exchange of in-game rare items. Ni No Kuni relies on various types of missions, ending up in earning one of the fun anime mount creatures.

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