A3: Still Alive Offers Token Airdrop

A3: Still Alive takes a gamers-first approach with an integrated crypto wallet.
  • ITU token to start trading on MBX, a native centralized exchange linked to the game.
  • A3: Still Alive is a high-grade completed game with regular crypto giveaways.
  • Game’s goal is to move away from typical P2E crypto-first games and offer multiple in-game assets as well as tokens.

A3: Still Alive is a dark fantasy MMORPG, which has decided to also add a crypto token. The game is using the airdrop to add to its already formidable development. A3: Still Alive is available on PC and mobile versions, becoming one of the newly arrived blockchain games with previous sustainable development. 

The game has a thriving forum community with more than 156K members, and recently made its social media profile more visible with a new token airdrop. 


The airdrop is part of a wider reward campaign, and will be open for owners of game accounts. One account can participate only once in special events, token grants and burns. The reward token Inetrium (ITU) will be sent out during an event on June 3. ITU still has no trading data, though the game may seek listings in the future. 

A3: Still Alive Aims for Gamers-First Approach

A3: Still Alive is an example of a gamer-first approach. The gaming universe manages to gather significant social media hype, and boosts events with special items giving an advantage within the game. This makes gamers interested in the event, instead of using automated play or just looking to cash out. 

The game plans to open a native centralized exchange, MBX, where some of the ITU may be sold. The token is also burned to diminish supply. 

A3: Still Alive uses Marblex Wallet, which is tailored to a whole ecosystem of games also adding crypto assets to their mix. Marblex Playground is the hub offering high-quality, finished games with crypto functionalities and giveaways.

Currently, the games already present on Marblex Playground are A3: Still Alive, as well as Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds. Another game, Metaworlds, is still in the making. Marblex resembles the model of WAX Network, where digital asset capabilities are tied to a user-friendly wallet.

Those emerging ecosystems diverge from the crypto-first games, which rely mostly on MetaMask to connect users. Proprietary wallets and ecosystems are trying to give high-grade games the same capabilities, while avoiding crypto features that may not appeal to gamers.

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