Noft Games Gains Players with Renewed Giveaway

Noft Games builds from a battle game with the goal of creating a full metaverse.
  • Noft Games has an active giveaway until September 21.
  • Play mini NFT games to earn XP points or monthly BNB giveaways.
  • Nofts Heroes can be bought and sold for profit on the marketplace.

Noft Games is gaining ground, as its latest giveaway still has a week to go. The game offers exclusive NFT and USDT prizes, which boosted its activity in the past few days. Noft Games has been around since the end of 2021, with varying activity on Binance Smart Chain.

Now, Noft Games wants to revive its appeal with another prize period.

Noft Games is also expanding its P2E model with an in-game asset. The model resembles that of Mobox, which relies more on its MEC in-game reward tokens, to lessen the burden on trading MBOX. Now, Noft Games added its own in-game reward item, Astron.

Astron can be earned and used again for in-game advantages and event participation. Astron, or ASTR, will serve as in-game cash. ASTR can be earned by renting out Nofts, the game’s heroes. Then, ASTR can be used to customize the game, or to hire other Nofts. ASTR is earned for in-game battles and missions.

Noft Games Aims for More Active Promotion

Noft Games is entering a new stage with more active marketing, and may line up among up and coming P2E games. The project saw most of its development during the bear market of 2022, and recently launched its secondary market resale hub. The game also invites the use of multiple assets, as its own asset is still only running within the game.

Players can also mint new NFT, following a mass summer sale of items. Noft Games also reports around 1,000 battle mini-games played per month, with 9 BNB in rewards and giveaways. The game offers early entry point with the chance to earn ASTR and gain valuable NFT. Currently, BNB remains the main asset to be earned and swapped for fiat, in addition to ASTR and XP points. Players can also gain from selling valuable Nofts through the Arena Battle Lobbies.

In addition to mini-games, Noft has a referral program by request, with personalized invitation codes.

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