P2E and Web3 Weekly Review (May 26- June 2)

Web3 games are still retaining their users, trying to offer appealing features and a way to spend their tokens within the game.

Web3 gaming adds special events and NFT drops to keep engagement. Web3 growth is also happening, with new technologies for smoother onboarding. New types of wallets and a more seamless experience are adding opportunities for growth. For most of 2023, Web3 games continue to fall into several categories. Those include highly active live games with a simple model. Other projects are still building their complex AAA-grade products. Some of the 3D games are successful, with Undead Blocks among the most prominent. 

Top Events of the Week

Web3 Game News

Axie Infinity Expands Competitive Game Package – Axie Infinity will add more games to its special support program. E-sports featuring the Axie NFT will grow with the new list of mini-games by third-party builders. 


Axie Infinity is now accepting new grant invitations from teams building mini-games. 

Wombat Dungeon Master Adds Clan Feature The mining game on WAX, Wombat Dungeon Master, has now added a new feature when playing in clan mode. During dungeon exploration, Wombats will be able to call for help or get help with a live button. 


Players can also easily switch to Dungeons World with a new live button. 

Sunflower Land to Offer First Potion Drop – Sunflower Land is still adding new items, this time a potion drop. Players that earned SFL in the game will be eligible to gain access to a new utility item with still unknown surprise features. 


The game also added a Town Center with a new item delivery and trading system. 

Illuvium Secures Additional Funding – Illuvium, one of the more complex 3D projects with an open world exploration, has gained access to additional funding. Another $10M round will be added to the game after a new partnership. 


Illuvium started as a game heavily invested in GameFi. Currently, Illuvium Overworld and the main game are in closed beta, with new features added regularly. Still, ILV tokens are near their lower range, and the game has tried to focus more on playing fun and its growing world and characters. 

Leading Games by Number of Users

Games at the top retain their users. Iskra remains a new arrival phenomenon, growing its user base by 15% ahead of the weekend. Move-to-earn games are also highly active. Leading games retain their player base and bring no unusual ranges in daily visits. 

GamePrevious WeekCurrent
Alien Worlds274.77K230.22K
Farmers World83.14K92.85K
Sunflower Land14.84K14.25K
Axie Infinity9.38K9.36K

P2E Token Price Action

The market cap of all P2E tokens recovered to $5.06B, as most of the leading crypto assets retain their value. P2E tokens hover near their lows, but have achieved relative stability, with diminished selling pressures. Most classical P2E games have either regrouped, or abandoned their tokenization model. 

Upcoming Mints, Airdrops, and Giveaways

Monoliths Lands Minting Now

Private Museum Minting June 3

Chibi Empire Minting June 3

Games and collections continue to show the importance of NFT. Trading still depends on trending collections and hype, and some of the NFT series remain hot. Minting free NFT is one of the ways to engage with collections that may go through a boom trading cycle. The best approach is to use a dedicated wallet for minting, to avoid signing malicious transactions.

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