Mini Miners Now Ready with a Two-Week Competitive Event

Mini Miners is now a double-chain game, launching on Sui Network at the end of May.
  • Mini Miners is a resource gameplay with NFT Miners having five main traits.
  • Players complete for four types of resources, used for swapping and upgrading.
  • Competitive events will be open for the next two weeks with the goal of reaching the top of the leaderboards.

Mini Miners is a Web3 game with a resource-management strategy at its core. The game challenges players to optimize their decisions for the highest earnings. Mini Miners is fully live and offers an alternative blockchain approach to simulated mining and farming games.

Mini Miners launched its event just days after going live on Sui Network, a niche blockchain for gaming. The game is also playable on BNB Chain. Mini Miners is open as a browser-based game, requiring a login with a crypto wallet. 

Sui Network is a Layer 1 solution, which is now growing its influence, by organizing hackathons and fostering Web3 development.

Sui Network also announced increasing interest from games aiming to use the network for their launch. Sui Network will also soon receive app tracking, though for now not all of the products are listed on DappRadar.

Visit tne Mini Miners World to Collect Resources

Mini Miners has four main resources to collect – Gold, Ore, Mushroom, and Diamond. Gold can be exchanged for Crowns, which are then used in the game’s marketplace. The more resources gathered, the more Miner NFT can be bought, to advance the game further. 

After the initial resource gameplay, Mini Miners also offers the chance to build up mining capacity and have more meaningful earnings. Upgrades will also help in the game’s competitive leaderboard events. 

Mini Miners still attracts only a few players, based on blockchain interactions. The game can be started for free, but CWS can be swapped through PancakeSwap, to start acquiring Miners earlier. Each Miner has five qualities that give it the potential to gather resources. Mini Miners resembles the early idle play of Crabada, where players sent Crabs to gather items. 

Because Mini Miners is a resource game, the team has also taken precautions to ban bots, which would strip-mine the game and tank resource prices. Mini Miners aims for fair competition and organic growth. For now, the game is still far from the success of early resource-based P2E.

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