Parallel Alpha Prepares for NFT Pack Drop on June 11

Parallel Alpha uses pre-approval and later mint to avoid gas wars.
  • Earlier card owners get Manifest status, can claim PDIV private drop event.
  • Saturday, June 11, scheduled for sale of packs to anyone, with 0.18 ETH mint price.

Parallel Alpha will extend its NFT drop season with another event scheduled for June 11. The PDIV pack airdrop will distribute more game cards to early adopters, with the goal of setting up powerful card packs ahead of the game launch. 

The long-term strategy of the game is first to distribute as many cards as possible. For one day, Parallel Alpha even launched an NFT faucet, where players could ask for free NFT cards, only paying the gas fees for the drop. Parallel Alpha, however, closed the faucet to new account creation. The cards and NFT are based on Ethereum and will still require unpredictable gas fees to transfer to wallets. 

Parallel Alpha tries to separate card pre-approval from the actual mint event. An initial drop will include an off-chain event when the sale happens, then the players can withdraw at a time when there is no Ethereum congestion.

Who is Eligible for PDIV

Parallel Alpha made its first pack drop in June 2021, and has since then encouraged holding. The PFIV pack drop has strict eligibility criteria for previous collectors called The Manifest. Players must check if they fit the conditions to be a Manifest and start paying for the new card drop. The game’s rules are as follows:

  • Owning and holding long-term 11 or more cards 
  • Holding at least 1 Legendary or Prime rarity card through multiple cycles
  • ParaSet and Prime Key holders who held through the Manifest snapshot

The PDIV event will have a price of 0.18 ETH per pack. The PDIV drop will include a total of 10,150 items, of which 5,740 will be reserved for the Manifest who are pre-approved, and the rest will be left for a public sale.

The final game will be an interface where the cards can be used in competition gameplay after the model of Magic: The Gathering. Until then, Parallel Alpha is a source of potentially valuable NFT, through sales, drops or more periods with an active faucet. The best approach is to watch the game’s official social media and avoid connecting wallets to any other links claiming to represent Parallel Alpha.

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