Parallel Alpha NFT Reach Peak Activity Days After Minting Event

Parallel Alpha completed its PDIV NFT unveiling this Saturday, leading to immediate secondary market action.
  • Parallel Alpha lines up among top resale collections.
  • Discord channels post fake links to mint events after recent exploit.
  • New P2E games switch to NFT as in-game rewards, banking on scarcity instead of mass token production.

Just days after its minting event this Saturday, Parallel Alpha lined up among the most active NFT re-trades. The Solana-based collection is having hours of significant activity, lining up among top flipped collections.

In addition to overall activity and a floor price established at 0.002 ETH, Parallel Alpha saw the resale of rare items by early whale adopters.

Parallel Alpha Warns of Mint Scam on Discord

Parallel Alpha also warned that right after its mint, the Discord channels were compromised. This has happened to other high-profile projects in the past, including Bored Ape Yacht Club. Parallel Alpha warned against clicking on any mint links outside the official PDIV event and future card distribution.

The most confusing part is that wallets are called to sign non-transparent transactions and users end up signing away all the NFT held in the wallet. For now, only personal awareness protects users from a loss of NFT items. 

Parallel Alpha Resales Pick Up

The collection mint was a success at a time when NFT resales are stalling even for some of the biggest collections. At the same time, new issues are still happening, especially when tied to an upcoming game. The NFT model is also alive in projects like Mines of Dalarnia, where game rewards take the form of rare NFT items. 

Games on WAX and other networks that are shy about token rewards are also replacing their in-game achievements with NFT items. This opens the game to a slightly different market compared to pure P2E games. Giving out NFT is also one of the onboarding tools for games to add a Web3 component. There is still no one unified model, with some collections opting for a free mint, while others start with a high asking price.

The appeal of Parallel Alpha PDIV event was that users bought whole packs and had a reveal of their surprise art and rarity. 

Parallel Alpha plans a series of pack sales and reveals in the coming months while waiting for the game launch. Previous card ownership and holding will entitle users to more cards down the line.

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