Parallel Alpha Reopens NFT Drop for Manifest Collectors

Parallel Alpha is an NFT-heavy game with regular events and airdrops.
  • Former airdrop receivers may be eligible for new NFT cards.
  • Game is in open beta, though still only a few hundred players register each day.

Parallel Alpha, an NFT-based card game, renewed the airdrop for its Manifest program. Collectors can claim their NFT if they are eligible Manifesters, with whitelisted wallet addresses. 

Some owners of Parallel NFT cards from previous airdrops may be eligible for the next installment, after searching their wallets.

The game’s approach in 2022 was to sell and distribute game cards with potential future value. Parallel Alpha managed to launch its open beta version, though it stated some of the early card sales had a goal of raising funds for development. 

Parallel Alpha managed to produce some stunning graphics, though DappRadar data show a very limited number of players. Parallel Alpha is interested in the NFT aspect of gaming, with robust trades for some of the items, at valuations between $100 and $800 for some of the last recorded sales.

Parallel Alpha Builds Up Lore With Multiple NFT Card Types

The game is considered promising, despite the disparity between the price of cards and the value locked within the game. In fact, one of the sources of earnings may be exactly the flipping of NFT cards. The game has one of the most varied NFT models, with several classes of cards. Some are Masterpiece, or Unique NFT. Others are resource cards or cosmetics such as altered card backs. There are also Key cards of various tiers, which produce an in-game asset, PRIME, which can be used to advance the quest.

Some cards only have utility within the game, while other types are tradable for ETH. Parallel Alpha has one of the most detailed systems of rights and special cards, making the game impossible without NFT ownership. This also constrains adoption, as players will need more types of cards as an initial investment, if they missed the early airdrops.

Parallel Alpha cards are also represented on OpenSea, with a floor price of 0.002 ETH. The game has a turnover of over 60K ETH over time, with a scarcity of cards and what looks like very fast turnover. Parallel Alpha offers value to early adopters, with potential new airdrops in the future. The game still has not announced its token launch on the open market, or a migration to a faster network.

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