SOS Token Rewards NFT Activity on OpenSea

Open DAO gave free SOS tokens to all NFT traders that used OpenSea. The wallet linking feature will give SOS tokens into 2022.

Being involved in NFT trading and play to earn may have additional perks. Toward the end of 2021, SOS DAO opened an airdrop to reward NFT activity in the past year. 

The SOS token was open to any wallet that has transacted on the OpenSea market. A history of more NFT movements meant a higher SOS reward. The airdrop happened for most users on December 24, awarding the usage of the NFT market. 

The claim is still open through OpenDao, requiring a linked wallet with a history of the NFTs.

What the Airdrop Achieves

As it is easily seen, the Open DAO now has a significant collection of data for users and their NFT transaction history. While the SOS token is free, now the organization is forming a partial map of Ethereum addresses that deal in NFTs, and has an idea of trends and transactions. 

Additionally, the Open DAO idea was immediately getting copied. 

In the coming days and weeks, it’s possible NFT owners are getting enticed with new ways to claim rewards from multiple organizations. The new tokens will probably use some form of decentralized trading to achieve price action. SOS is just establishing its liquidity on UniSwap V3.

Because the NFT tracking requires a wallet connection and signing, be aware of potential scams and copycat links. The DAO and similar organizations actually require users to sign with their main NFT wallet, opening the door to potentially signing to have their assets stolen. For now, the SOS token has not given signs of a scam, but copied projects may be highly risky.

The Open DAO project does not have a team, so any messages from people claiming to be on the team are disguised phishing attempts. 

SOS Token Offers Immediate Growth

The most significant achievement was for the SOS token that immediately jumped, at least in paper value. SOS grew from the 0.0000009 range up to the 0.00005 level at the peak, though still sinking afterward.

SOS will be distributed until the end of June 2022, and has the makings of an ecosystem token. Currently, SOS is being given away, and there may be incentives to hold the asset and not sell immediately. 

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