Top 10 Tools to Keep Track of Play to Earn and NFT Trends

Research games and track your portfolio with 10 tools for NFT and P2E value tracking.

Play to earn and the NFT world are coming up with something new almost every hour, and it is hard to keep track of the latest developments. Assessing the quality of games and the potential of NFT collections is an effort for each new instant. Play2Moon picked the best tools to get a fuller picture of events, data, and financial tools for play to earn. 

Market Overlook:

Nonfungible gives a birds-eye view of the NFT market for general trends and volumes. Selling an NFT depends partially on luck and personal interest, but also on the overall hotness of the market. Learn which collections are trending and if activity is growing or stalling. 

Nonfungible gives a category preview for most types of NFT items, showing a floor price estimate and the most expensive items in collections. 

Catch Upcoming Airdrops with NFTCalendar gives a mix of promoted and verified collections. The hub also offers a general preview of all upcoming NFT mints or airdrops for various marketplaces, including OpenSea and Rarible. 

Check Resale Opportunities with CryptoSlam

CryptoSlam tracks all collections in one handy chart. This tool has the advantage of listing both play to earn games and art collections, showing the prevalence of the type of NFT that is the most active. 

This tool will also rank blockchains to allow new users to estimate if the low fees will offset the lower activity compared to Ethereum. The Ethereum network is still a benchmark for NFT activity, despite high fees, as it locks in the most value and offsets the expenses in most cases. gives a real-time preview of individual collections. One of the problems with NFTs is that interest may peak and recede, and resale value will depend on the stage in the collection’s life cycle. 

Trading decisions may be made easier when knowing which collection is trending and which one is stagnating. 

Hello Moon: Track Solana Network

Solana is one of the blockchains with growing NFT and play to earn activity. But the network is sometimes not transparent enough to show the necessary data for all projects. 

Now, the Hello Moon tool is an alpha-version of service to track multiple assets on the Solana network. The tracking service is still in its experimental stages, but it is worth checking out for the potential to display specific information and on-chain activity for Solana-based projects.

Track Floor Prices with Dune Floor Tracker

Floor prices are not a set piece of data, and having the information on any single day cannot draw a trend. The Dune floor tracker tool is available to check NFT collections for peaks and lows. The tool requires users to copy the NFT smart contract address from a blockchain explorer. Besides floor price, the tool compares the most active markets for some NFT collections. 

Recognize Rare Traits with Traitsniper

The rarity of an item is a complex issue and is not easily summarized. Traitsniper can estimate the rare features of an item and unearth data about the latest sale of a rare item. The tool offers insight into art collections, but may be useful for play to earn games, recently tracking the NFT sale of Pixelmon. 

Hone In on Unique Items with Raritysniffer

A tool similar to Traitsniper, Raritysniffer is  a more user-friendly and visual approach to vetting collections. The filters offer a ranking by rarity for some of the most active collections, singling out the most interesting items and helping with vetting the fair price for an NFT. The tool will also single out rare items that are available for sale and some that are being held closely.

NFT Bank: Portfolio Centered Approach to NFT Ownership

When tracking a growing portfolio, it may be time-consuming to check each item for liquidity and trends. NFT Bank takes a portfolio-centered approach to tracking the owned items and revealing trends and signals tailored to the specific portfolio.

DappRadar Activity

DappRadar is one of the older tools to track activity. The service ranks all distributed apps, including exchanges and other on-chain activities. But it also tracks the most widely used games at the moment and can give insight into the activity levels of new games. 

For now, all services remain free, with no guarantee of free service in the future. Some of the tools require a connection to a wallet and caution must be taken to pick the right links or use the tool with a new wallet for specific tasks. The NFT market and game items are just starting out and trends with reliable data are key to understanding the potential value.

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