Sunflower Land: Grab Skills Badges Before Next Game Update

Sunflower Land (SFL) aims to build a wider game with a new resource balance.
  • Sunflower Land prepares to leave the beta sandbox stage and rebuild its economy.
  • Warriod Badge needed to try out Sunflower Isles update as an early tester.
  • All items will be compatible, some badges and exclusive items to remain scarce and unique.

Sunflower Land is preparing for the Sunflower Isles update in the coming weeks. The game will evolve and move on from the current crafting stage with weekly challenges. This is the last time to produce and grab Skills Badges from the Goblin Village, the game team announced.

Some of the past crafted items may become even more rare and unique, and gain more value as they cannot be replicated in the game. Sunflower Land moved to this uniqueness mechanic after its first crash during an overproduction of shovels, which crashed the game.

Sunflower Land is also engaging the community with an open pixel art competition, with some of the designs to be integrated in the game’s future character design.

Badges Used to Test Sunflower Isles

Crafting the Warrior Badge now in Sunflower Land will allow players to become the first testers of Sunflower Isles in November. 

After testing with a limited number of players, Sunflower Isles will launch officially for all players. This update will essentially build a new game with metaverse options and an entirely new economic balance. 

All assets from the original game will be compatible and usable within the new one, and will remain within users’ wallets. But the launch of Sunflower Isles update will also be the end for the beta sandbox stage. The new game will require land expansion as its main mechanic and will have level-up mechanics and more metaverse features. 

Even at this stage of the game, Sunflower Land invites 5.75K players per day, interacting with the Polygon blockchain. Sunflower Land’s main NFT token, the Farm, is of high importance, but there are other exclusive short-term items, such as cosmetic farm decorations, clothes or the short-term Amulets only craftable during the Goblin Wars.

The game’s native token SFL stabilized around $0.08. SFL has low volatility and most of the assets are used within the game’s stores, to exchange for items. SFL is deflationary, meaning fewer tokens are produced in exchange for raw resources, with a scheduled timing for “halvings”. Despite the scarcity, SFL is not actively traded and does not behave as a high-profile game token.

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