Sunflower Land Prepares for Buldings in Land Expansion Mode

Bumpkins will be the new type of NFT to be released soon, with rare clothing and accessories.
  • Bumpkin mechanics and expansion are the next feature to be tested.
  • Sunflower Land SFL tokens retain their value despite bear market.
  • Goblin Wars still a tight match between the two teams, Farmers and Goblins.

Sunflower Land is presenting its latest additions, part of the Land Expansion package. The first tests for land expansion will start in the next few weeks. 

A new feature will add buildings, created and positioned by the player. Before that, farms had fixed buildings such as the Goblin trading station. Now, Sunflower Land is getting closer to its goal of becoming a metaverse game instead of a small-scale simulated farming game.

The team is also working on its dynamic avatars with clothing features. The Bumpkins will also start testing in October.

With clothing and accessories, bumpkins will become one of the first Dynamic Avatars, changing their features every time there is an in-game upgrade. Clothes and rare items will become one of the game’s goals, in exchange for gathering resources or earning SFL tokens. 

During the current challenge of the Goblin Wars, the game still invites around 4K players per day, based on Polygon chain interactions. Sunflower Land remains a top game on Polygon, as the in-game economy is not used to cash out that often. Instead, the team introduces new rare cosmetic NFT or exclusive badges, which roll back SFL into the game. 

The usage of SFL within the game is helping give the token stability. SFL even appreciated above $0.10 again, and is one of the most resilient P2E tokens with decentralized trading. 

SFL is also represented on QuickSwap, and the exchange partners with the game. Currently, QuickSwap is holding a giveaway of NFT from Sunflower Land and other projects.

Sunflower farms are growing in the past week, though slowly. A total of 151.9K NFT are available, with 94% original owners, one of the highest values among NFT collections. Farms are key to playing Sunflower Land, and the team has managed mostly to achieve one farm per user account.

Sunflower Land has grown successfully after dealing with one of its first bot attacks that crashed the game about a year ago.

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