Sunflower Land Adds Frog Mint Event

Sunflower Land will evolve from a closed simulation into a larger metaverse game with ranking.
  • Sunflower Land offered a new decoration item with unique features – frogs for every farm.
  • The game holds mints through its internal market, encouraging farmers to swap resources for rare NFT.
  • Land extension may arrive in the next months, with more metaverse features.

Sunflower Land continues on its track to become a more complex metaverse-type game. The latest event was a Frog Mint, adding a cosmetic item to farms. The mint was sold out within 10 minutes. 

What went different was that Sunflower Land did not use OpenSea or another platform to generate new NFT. Instead, all item sales are held within the game, requiring SFL tokens. Most of the SFL is still held within game accounts, and used for in-game upgrades and special items. The Frog Collection also had a partial listing on OpenSea, with a 0.02 ETH floor price. Just a day after the collection launch, it had a 5.2 ETH turnover. About 33% of the collection is up on the secondary market, with the rest held within the game. 

Only part of the users could export their in-game items on the blockchain for a MATIC fee and potentially resell them. But the in-game market is for now the more active tool to exchange NFT and resources. 

SFL Tokens Recycled Back Into the Game

Sunflower Land relies on the appeal of in-game rare items, and there are weekly challenges and tasks going through the game. For the coming months, Sunflower Land will retain its simulated farming image, but the next extension will come from buildable islands and exclusive access. 

The biggest advantage of Sunflower Land is that its in-game economy is not strip-mined for tokens and instead, some of the gains are returned to the game. There is also trading between players, which adds value. The game’s economy is also limited by the number of farms minted, and there has not been new expansions for a while. The farm count remains fixed at 151,500 total NFT.

This internal resale mechanism has kept the SFL token relatively stable at $0.07. SFL is rarely used as a DeFi asset and there is no system in place for high-yield staking. 
Sunflower Land remains the top 4 app on Polygon and the leading game, with 6.19K daily interactions with smart contracts.

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