Pegaxy Expands Racing Range to 15 Players

Pegaxy prepares for metaverse land sale in the form of stadiums for rent. Skilled gameplay planned for Q3.

The Pegaxy game will evolve once again, by adding a 15-player default race. Until recently, the game held simulated races with up to 12 playable Pegas. 

To achieve this goal, Pegaxy will enter a brief maintenance period, while also rebuilding its 3D racing visuals.

The Pegaxy game remains the second most-visited on the Polygon network. The game, which expects to launch a mobile version soon, aims to boost its appeal and grow its user base, especially with deliberately selected gaming guilds.

Additionally, Pegaxy has integrated Coinbase wallet to its app, boosting access to MATIC and other essential tokens.

The Pegaxy game is also highly influential in the Philippines, becoming one of the main competitors of Axie Infinity. The Pegaxy game went through a process of verifying guilds to find the best and most reliable scholarship sources. With some bot buying active for Pega characters, guilds remain a good access point to the game with no need to make a purchase. 

At the same time, the Pega playable floor price is down to 0.017 ETH, with a continued downward trend for the past few months. This has not prevented the users of Pegaxy to grow, remaining above 17K in the past day. 

PGX, VIS Struggle for Recovery

Pegaxy’s native token, PGX, regained some positions to $0.22, after dipping to $0.19. 

Vigorus (VIS), the breeding token, dipped under a penny for the first time in history, later recovering to $0.016. VIS has been contentious for players, as it significantly diminishes potential game earnings. 

There have been calls to increase the breeding fee or introduce another mechanism to decrease the supply of VIS or mop up the excess tokens. The game is expected to add stadium sales and boost its position with metaverse land plots. Later this year, Pegaxy will also add skills-based gameplay in addition to the casual simulated races based on statistics.

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