Sunflower Land to Reach Farm Limit Soon at 150K NFT Minted

Sunflower Land slides in ranking, remaining the seventh most played game on Polygon.
  • New farms to mint are almost running out, Sunflower Land team may announce new expansion soon.
  • SFL still at $0.20 as trading may switch to stablecoin liquidity.
  • SFL asks for fixed minting, withdrawal fees.

Sunflower Land only has a few thousand farms left for grabbing until reaching its temporary 150K farm limit. The game is growing slowly, adding 20K farms at a time for new users. Initially, the new farms were created by legacy players of Sunflower Farmer before the game had to restart.

There will be only 4,700 farms left to mint before the game team decides on the next expansion.

Farms are the chief NFT bought and sold for the game, as well as the central tool for playing. After a tweak of game fees, minting a farm will have a fixed value of $5 paid in MATIC. Farms are on offer for resale for as high as 0.95 ETH, depending on their condition. 

Rare items trade as high as 1.24 ETH, adding value to an organic ecosystem fed by initial playing fees. Outside of the initial minting fee and the occasional withdrawal fee, Sunflower Land has not added any other pay-to-win features. Instead, the game still relies on time-consuming tasks and gradual growth toward weekly goals or rare item collections. 

Sunflower Land set up its model as “play to own”, building a little world of value. Later, players can decide to tokenize or resell their in-game achievements. 

Sunflower Land Growth Slows Down

For now, Sunflower Land will be based on Polygon, though there are rumors of possibly joining the Ronin network as its second game. Sunflower Land is sliding from its top status as a Polygon name, losing 90% of its players since the launch in May. Only 2.75K players are still keeping the game alive, down from a peak above 20K when farm minting was still a hot activity.

SFL, the game’s native token, has built-in scarcity. Currently, the token is relatively illiquid, while still managing to keep within a range of $0.20. SFL is unusual for being one of the P2E game tokens that has been spared the deep crash from the bear market, mostly due to launching late and having smaller selling pressures. SFL is only generated from farming, mining and resales, while paying less tokens for resources as the game progresses.

SFL will also switch to stablecoin pair trading, to avoid the volatility of MATIC. The Polygon token MATIC is at $0.59 after gaining 20% in the past day, but has sank significantly since the game’s launch.

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