The Crypto You: Climbing the Ranks of BSC Games

The Crypto You offers multiple liquidity pools for MILK and BABY, as well as USDT, USDC, SOL and other assets.
  • The Crypto You is a mix of NFT gaming with idle and battle mode, as well as a DeFi hub.
  • MILK and BABY tokens, as well as BNB, make up the game’s economy.
  • Baby NFT can be merged to level up and become more powerful.

The Crypto You is a Binance Smart Chain P2E game that relies heavily on avatar rarity. The game has been around for months, but recently saw a trend of adding more users. The Crypto You also had periods of trending among top growth games as interest in NFT mining fluctuates.

Currently, The Crypto You is ranked 117 on Binance Smart Chain. The game counts a few dozen interactions with the smart contracts, mostly dealing with NFT tasks. In addition to rarity, the game’s avatars can be merged to increase their power level. The Crypto Babies are NFT themed after top crypto assets. Owning one of those NFT allows players to perform passive mining for MILK token rewards.

The Crypto You offers season-based play for higher rewards, as well as idle gameplay for regular MILK token rewards. The Baby NFT can participate in various work tasks within the game, based on their level, and earn a small regular salary each day.

How The Crypto You Functions

The Crypto You follows the models of games like Axie Infinity and Crabada. Players need to mint a Baby avatar using $BABY or BNB tokens, and note the stats and abilities for each NFT. 

Babies can then make teams and compete for additional prizes. The NFT can be merged through a dedicated browser tool to boost stats and create more powerful Babies. The NFT items are available through the game’s native Marketplace, which uses BABY, MILK and BNB tokens. 

In addition to the competitive and metaverse elements, The Crypto You is also a small liquidity mining hub. Players can stake BABY and MILK, but also other assets, including BNB, USDT, USDC and SOL. 

Currently, MILK has lost value since its launch. The asset started off at $0.13 and quickly slid below one cent. MILK trades at $0.000017, relying on MEXC and PancakeSwap, but also its native BabySwap decentralized exchange.

BabySwap aims to provide liquidity for The Crypto You, as well as other projects on BSC that are just starting out. The exchange has limited daily trading of around $403K in 24 hours.

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