Axie Infinity: Tournament Second Phase, Marketplace Updates

Axie Infinity added new types of Ronin tokens to make simplified listings and expand the types of items.
  • Axie Classic tournament enters second stage ahead of the Barcelona finals.
  • Marketplace upgrade to allow Runes and Charms to be listed as NFT.
  • AXS remains above $17, SLP still low at $0.004.

Axie Infinity approaches the long-awaited meetup in Barcelona. The game is also busy with the earlier rounds of its Axie Classic tournament, which will send top contenders to play the last rounds live during the meetup. 

The tournament has now entered its second stage, narrowing the selection of board leaders.

While the classic game still attracts around 27K-35K users per day, the Origin version is also in preparation for launching its first season with leaderboards. As of August 9, Axie Infinity is ranked as the fourth busiest game, with 37.97K players. 

At the same time, Sky Mavis is setting up content competitions, with the current one for Axie-inspired art with a summer theme.

Axie Infinity is also offering a creators’ academy to encourage quality content creation, with the goal of popularizing the game and drive user engagement. Sky Mavis has also hinted at potentially targeting the South Korean gaming market.

Marketplace Update Tailored for Speed, Scaling

The recent marketplace changes are tailored to serving Origin with a new approach to breeding and resales. The upgrade happens just after the highly active summer breeding event for rare summer-themed traits. For the first time, Runes and Charms will gain their own form of tokenization under the ERC-1155 token standard.

All currently listed Axies on the Ronin network will have to be relisted for sale. The market will also not hold Axie offers infinitely, but for predetermined time durations and a maximum of six months.

Axie Infinity is now preparing for an inflow of players and a smoother experience on the Ronin network as the game’s main blockchain carrier. The next stage will be a test Season 0 for Origin, where for the first time players will be able to craft Runes and Charms in the game, list them on the market and potentially make profits. 

The Origin version is also aiming to add SLP rewards. Currently, SLP remains depressed at $0.004, while Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) trades around $17.84, remaining stable over the past few weeks. 

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