These Games Take Top Spots on BSC Chain: Top 5 Most Active P2E

Binance Smart Chain hosts some of the most active P2E games with significant growth in active users and blockchain addresses.

Binance Smart Chain remains one of the most active venues for play to earn activity, mostly ensured by low fees. The transaction fee of 0.38 BNB, or under $0.50, has remained attractive for most transactions, with very rare high-fee events or network congestion. 

BSC also attracts some of the most popular games, instantly noting an uptick in traffic. The latest trending P2E games are a selection of generally popular playable universes from the last few months, with up and coming headlines. BSC activity reflects the influence of new games and the potential to gain exposure fast. 

The Bomb Crypto and MOBOX are fixtures in the play to earn space, while Luna Rush is trending after its announcement of upcoming NFT and land drops. Bomb Crypto also keeps its spot among hot trending games, and is also in the top 5 of overall BSC apps, including DEX and other applications. The success of P2E games varies, and Axie Infinity took 4 years to take off, while newer games reach peak activity in months.

Mobox got special exposure by a Binance swapping event with a MOBOX token reward. 

BSC Grows Wallets on P2E, NFT Trend

In the past month, BSC has handled between 4-6M transactions per day, with a peak above 13M transactions. New wallets grow every day, adding around 240,000 new addresses for a total above 136M active addresses

BSC, supported by most browser extension wallets, thus becomes one of the most important fixtures of play to earn. Binance is also a hub to trade the tokens of some of the most popular P2E games, expanding liquidity.

Binance Coin (BNB) remains an important asset for NFT trading, as the exchange assists with both NFT placements and a launchpad for prominent curated projects and IDOs. BNB sank to $395.86 after holding above $400 for a period of relative stability. The Binance ecosystem also allows for the usage of BUSD, a dollar-affixed stablecoin that avoids price fluctuations.

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