Krypto Ranger Opens Paid Signup for Beta Test

Krypto Ranger will start its closed beta test on December 14, with tickets still on sale until December 19.
  • Krypto Ranger is a tower defense game, aiming at owners of BUSD and users of Binance Smart Chain.
  • The game has opened a paid beta test with a referral program.
  • Krypto Ranger also introduced NFT fusion as upgrading mechanism.

Krypto Ranger is another RPG that reached its beta test stage late this year. The game has reached its playable stage, and is reaching out to more players with a currently running giveaway.

At the same time, Krypto Ranger is preparing for its closed beta test, which this time is paid, with a 5 BUSD ticket. The test will open on December 12, though players can buy tickets after that date as well. One of the advantages of the ticket is that players will be able to participate in a referral program for extra rewards.

The game has taken a wallet-first approach, targeting players with some idea of using Binance Smart Chain and possibly buying BUSD. For the game, this is also a tool to whitelist wallets. On its side, the Krypto Ranger team has been fully doxxed, and the smart contracts and financials went through an audit.

The game is also potentially available for special events with airdrops, with some of the rewards also denominated in BUSD. For now, Krypto Ranger is reward-first, attempting to bring in players still interested in crypto liquidity, though using the stabilized BUSD.

NFT Use is Key for Krypto Ranger

Even outside the game, Krypto Ranger is boosting its NFT stage, by recently announcing character fusion. Ahead of the beta launch, character fusion is a way to generate more overpowered playable Heroes, while also burning one of the cards. 

The game’s goal is to own a Tower and defend it with a Hero. Towers are also upgradable, meaning they can last longer. Having a high-grade Hero with Fusion means some players can outlast their opponent in defense, or have better attacks to deplete the other side’s Tower.

The game has three levels of rarity, Common, Epic and Legendary, with the possibility to burn and upgrade NFT. The Heroes also have five skills, which can be acquired in the training section of the game. The skills are in fact hard to acquire attacks, and have an extra payment of 200 KRT, using the in-game token. This also makes Krypto Ranger a limited pay-to-win game, with the potential of investing in overpowered strategies.

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