Top Farming NFT Games: Resources, NFT Crafting and Rewards

Farming games are coming up on the WAX blockchain, using tools to target a good balance of resource creation and token minting.

The farming-type game is one of the most amenable to the NFT model. Newer games also have better tools to balance resource competition and token generation. Farming games are a type of resource-competition game, with the added appeal of growing digital crops. 

Sunflower Land remains the top game and a peak performer on Polygon. But there is a longer list of successfully launched farming-type games offering different resource mechanics and tokenomics. 


EveryFarm uses a farm-and-earn approach, combined with cute Chibi graphics. The game includes casual farming, city-building and the creation of collectibles. This game also holds special events and giveaways to boost its positions among competitors.

EveryFarm is built on a relatively niche blockchain, Wemix, which is specifically built to carry gaming projects. EveryFarm includes resource farming, cooking and evolving a restaurant, as well as metaverse plot decorations.

Veggies Farm

Veggies Farm includes simulated casual farming. The game is built on the Polygon blockchain and will earn MATIC tokens, with no native asset. This gives the game advantage of multiple MATIC listings and high liquidity to monetize gains. 

Veggies Farm includes gold mining mechanics in addition to farming. Mining can also yield rare artifacts, which can be resold on the NFT market. The game has simpler graphics and a basic farming game look, with upgrading mechanics and buildings also available. 

Lucky Farmer

Lucky Farmer takes the crop theme and turns it into an arcade game. The game offers free access with account registration, with most rewards and medals earned within the game. 

Playing Lucky Farmer has an element of luck with mini-games inside the game world. Players may win DEAPcoin, an ETH-based asset. DEAP trades around $0.01, with a peak above $0.06. Rough estimates of expected income for Lucky Farmer depend on DEAP prices, but at peak valuations, a player could earn as much as $800 for a year of casual gameplay.

Lucky Farmer is part of the PlayMining gaming content platform.

Farming Tales

Farming Tales claims its NFT items represent real products from real farms, thus game participation translates into investments for real crops. Farming Tales continues to add new types of farming and tool items, listed on the AtomicHub marketplace on the WAX blockchain. By the end of 2022, the game will also launch on the HIVE blockchain. 

The game has a double-token model, staking SEST tokens to receive CBIT assets. The game requires a complex system of resource sinks and conditions to evolve to new types of crops and animals. 

For now, there is no implication of NFT giving rights to farming products, except as a form of novelty for the game. 

Farmers World

This game is yet another metaverse simulation of farming that uses the WAX blockchain. Farmers World offers a larger building area for complex farms with multiple buildings and crops.

Farmers World gathers a community of more than 150K players worldwide, deserving its spot as the second busiest WAX app. The game is also regularly within the top 5 of the most visited P2E games. 

The list of farming games is longer, with more awaiting in the pipeline for beta launch. Most new expected games bet on the WAX blockchain, which offers no-gas mints and a thriving community. Others pick Polygon or another fast network to avoid the pitfalls of Ethereum’s high gas fees. Farm games also do not rush to bring their token to the market, instead relying on an in-game economy of resources.

Farming keeps players engaged and avoids playing just for the sake of cashing out. Even during a crypto bear market, game projects keep building, raising hopes that blockchain is a valuable addition to casual games with NFT options.

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