Sunflower Land Prepares for Launch This Week

Sunflower Land will open access to Islands, with progress and locked parts of the map.
  • Sunflower Land will become a mass-access game with more farm mints.
  • Project Dignity, starting as a Sunflower Land community movement, is holding a mint on December 13.
  • Sunflower Land will offer more Bumpkin skin options.

Sunflower Land is closing in, with three days left until its open beta launch. All items from the initial limited stage will remain compatible with the new game. Players are already busy building strategies with the best crops to give XP and advantages to craft items.

Sunflower Land has been one of the most actively developing games in 2022, onboarding more than 150K users in its closed stage. The game has also built one of the more dedicated organic communities, which has not been affected by the bear market. Farm mints tended to be low-cost, and only very few of the NFT changed hands at high valuations. 

Player-generated content also helps with picking the best approach to in-game advancements. The new game will also encourage players to return their items into the game, as farm decorations or utility items. 

Sunflower Land has also dealt more or less successfully with mass bots and multiple accounts.

Sunflower Land Community Brings New NFT Project

The Sunflower Land community is bringing out new games, and even creating their own mints as in the case of Project Dignity. The mint goes live this Tuesday, featuring pixel art similar to that of Sunflower Land. 

Project Dignity comes from content creators that built some of the pixel art for Sunflower Land farms. Over the past months, the community created Bumpkin art as well as decorative Frogs. Now, Project Dignity has produced Seals, which can then be sent on Quests to bring resources and craft more items. Project Dignity will produce more items and come up with a complete game of building and resources.

Sunflower Land also continues to receive open-source content, which helps personalize the playable avatars. Bumpkins will be key to building land once the Sunflower Isles launch. Sunflower Land aims to become a game accessible to anyone, though without over-emphasizing crypto trading. Instead, the game will be open to anyone to mint and own a farm forever.

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