Universe Island Adds New Structures, Test Metaverse Area Open for Building

Universe Island mixes metaverse exploration with PvP shooter game.
  • Universe Island is a mix of metaverse and third-person shooter.
  • New islands can be used to test the terrain editor, but players only keep buildings on land they own.
  • The game held an IGO to distribute more of the UIM token at the end of December.

Universe Island is one of the most complex metaverse games appearing lately. The game runs a transparent development process, recently releasing its latest upgrades. Players can now access a test island for building. NFT land owners, however, can build and retain their structures, and invite other players to explore. 


Universe Island released its mobile apps just last month, and immediately went to improve the game. Players can use high-grade playable characters to explore the space-themed metaverse and fantastical Islands, while also engaging in battles. Universe Island also released its Land Editor at the end of 2022, expanding the metaverse capabilities. 

Universe Island added its building potential to an already existing collection of 3D armor, which works both in the game and as a high-grade NFT collectible. Universe Island has the mission of mixing an immersive, high-grade metaverse with a shooter game. Players can both visualize their character, while also exploring the open world. 

Universe Island Now Fully Tokenized

Universe Island completed most of the big milestones in its development at the end of last year. One of thise milestones was the game’s tokenization. UIM, the game’s token, has been in circulation for a while, though without an IGO. 

After the December 20 IGO, UIM is now trading at $0.0000043, and will have a growing role in the game’s ecosystem. Even with a relatively low price, UIM has the aim of allowing players to pay for NFT, or stake to gain additional collectible items. 

Universe Island will be game-first and also promote its high-grade NFT and digital land ownership. Universe Island playable characters also have an augmented reality feature, allowing the players to experience them both in the game’s metaverse and in the real world. 

In Q1, the game will also expand with vehicles and flying machines based on its roadmap. A clan structure and rankings will also add to the game’s competitive element. 
The main battle mechanic of Universe Island will be a third-person shooter. With this game mode, Universe Island joins a growing list of brawler and shooter games with e-sports potential, including MetaWarz Shooter, Ev.IO and others.

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