Universe Island Mobile Apps Go Live for Android, iOS

Universe Island listed its mobile apps on mobile stores, becoming one of the widely available Web3 games with optional token earnings.
  • Universe Island is a space-themed FPS with a recently released mobile version.
  • The game uses BSC for its tokenization and NFT market.
  • Players own unique 3D items, visually appealing pn the NFT market and within the game.

Universe Island is a newly emerged FPS mobile game with complex lore based on island exploration. After a long wait, the game finally had a double release of iOS and Android mobile apps. The game is still within a few dozen downloads, and there are limited data on daily active gameplay. Universe Island is yet another game to reach multiple milestones and launch despite the bear market.


Universe Island is also available for download on desktop devices, but may increase its Web3 outreach with the mobile launch. Universe Island also listed its NFT collection to OpenSea, available since the end of November.

What Makes Universe Island Stand Out

Universe Island has a fully developed sci-fi adventure theme, with detailed characters and a large-scale map. The exploration is story-driven, with meaningful quests. 

Universe Island is one of the games with a mix of complete gaming side and a blockchain ecosystem. Universe Island uses the easily accessible Binance Smart Chain, with the potential to acquire UIM assets and trade them on PancakeSwap.

Universe Island has complex, visually appealing NFT with 3D rendering, which are both used for trading and within the game. Armor can be worn or traded when not needed. The game is now on the verge of bringing team play for three players. 

In 2023. Universe Island aims to offer flying machines, as well as clan-based gameplay and rankings. The game has also added metaverse land plots and vehicles. The project will also produce video content based on the game lore. 

Like other projects in 2022, Universe Island aims to bring out its gaming side first. Still, UIM tokens have some staking and passive income opportunities within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. The game team will also leave its tokens locked until November 2023 to boost its credibility and to prove they are with the game for the long run. 

UIM tokens are awarded for in-game wins, but also as compensation for time spent in the game, making Universe Island a play-and-earn game with a free option.

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