MetaWarz Shooter Mints Rebel Punks Playable Character NFT

Rebel Punks will carry LEGION and WARZ tokens with full GameFi services in addition to the game.
  • MetaWarz Shooter offers a mix of third-person and first-person game, with metaverse mode and battles.
  • The game is still in the NFT stage, distributing newly minted Rebel Punks.
  • MetaWarz Shooter uses Unreal Engine 5 for an immersive experience.

MetaWarz Shooter entered the active stage of its main NFT mint, with about half of the Rebel Punks already minted.

MetaWarz Shooter aims to be a fun-first immersive game with a first-person perspective. The project is also linked to the ecosystem for swaps and exchanges. However, MetaWarz Shooter is still accessible only by connecting one of the supported wallets- MetaMask, WalletConnect or DeFi wallet. 

Rebels are already reselling on the secondary market with OpenSea listings. Some of the top rare Punk Rebels reach asking prices of 10 ETH, though trading is just starting. Most players still hold onto their early NFT for potential in-game benefits. 

Rebel Punks also serve as avatars and are upgradable after in-game achievements. Players can pick their Faction to play as Rebels or One-Percenters, and sway the fate of a futuristic metaverse.

Players can choose Conquest, Operation or Battle mode, with a mix of first-person and third-person battles for a hybrid game. After the official launch, MetaWarz Shooter will also support leaderboards. Players can pick and control multiple playable Units, switching from third-person view to first person for a skill-based game. 

MetaWarz Shooter Offers Full GameFi Range

MetaWarz Shooter has showcased its gameplay, though still not fully accessible. The game is still at the NFT stage, not stopped by the bear market. 

When completed, MetaWarz Shooter will offer earnings through in-game activities, but also the usual range of GameFi opportunities, including staking of tokens and NFT. 

MetaWarz has a token model that is already widespread among P2E games, with an in-game inflationary token LEGION. The second asset, WARZ, will be used for staking and can be moved outside the game for other tasks. Some of the tokens will be used to buy and upgrade Rebel Punks, the game’s collection of colorful characters with a futuristic neon look. 

MetaWarz Shooter is one of the upcoming high-grade games built using Unreal Engine 5, joining the trend of producing more complex products with play-to-earn. That list includes Star Heroes, Undead Blocks, Rogue Galaxies and other games featuring high-grade graphics.

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