Voxie Tactics Brings VOXEL Near One-Month Price Peak

Voxie Tactics boosted the price of VOXEL to $1.89, with a view to climbing above $3 on game adoption.

Voxie Tactics presented the latest achievements for one of the long-awaited play to earn games. In response, the VOXEL asset appreciated more rapidly, getting closer to its monthly price peak. 

VOXEL was up more than 15% in a single day, rising to $1.85. Price predictions see VOXEL go above $2 in the short term, with some expectations of rallying to $5 or above if the game increases its exposure and popularity. 

Due to a relatively low supply, VOXEL is watched as one of the tokens with significant upside. The reason its price has lagged is that the game only existed as a testing ground, and only recently had a testing version, Voxie Tactics. 

The recent VOXEL rally extends the gains made in the past few days, while other P2E tokens stagnated. 

VOXEL remains relatively risky, but the long-awaited breakout may have set up the token for more appreciation. Predictions see VOXEL rise as high as $3.45 if it preserves the current trend. 

Voxie characters still keep a price floor of 0.42 ETH, with some Voxies changing hands at 80 ETH. Voxies have the makings of a blue chip collection that holds onto its value, and the market so far has absorbed 10,000 avatars. 

Voxies Game Usage Still Low

The game, still in its preliminary stage, is still showing much lower activity compared to the VOXEL token action and even the NFT resales. 

DappRadar only caught 17 players active in the game, which is not an unusual number for a P2E just starting out. Currently, Voxies offers earnings mostly as an NFT collection, based on the hype of a future full game release. 

The big advantage of VOXEL is that its token can be traded with significant liquidity on the Binance exchange. The VOXEL/USDT pair makes up about 40% of all of the token’s trading activity.

Even a small intervention can also pump VOXEL and drive the price higher in the short term. Thus, VOXEL remains a risky asset to buy and hold, while the game is still establishing its positions among the competition.

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