Voxies (VOXEL) Market Price Breaks Out on News of Marketplace Launch

Voxies (VOXEL) rallied by more than 40% after the announcement of new NFT marketplace coming this weekend.

Voxies (VOXEL) became one of the top gainers among play to earn tokens, following news of new game developments. Voxies plans to launch its marketplace this weekend, while running its pre-season open beta for three weeks now. 

The Voxie Tactics market will offer a resale space for items created within the open beta. 

The game will offer a discovery of “unidentified” assets which can be revealed through the marketplace and have surprise value and rarity. Some of the items include swords and shields with in-game utility. 

Is VOXEL Entering New Price Discovery

VOXEL rose by more than 42% in the past day, to more than $1.53 at the peak before retreating to $1.44. VOXEL gave off signs for a rally some days ago, and has fulfilled those predictions. The rise of VOXEL happens at a time when the game is still in pre-launch and testing. 

VOXEL faces a challenge after the downturn of crypto markets, sinking from a peak of $4.68 right after its Binance exchange listing. However, the game remains solid and keeps on track with the promised updates and milestones. VOXEL is one of the assets with sights to a bigger rally in 2022 if market sentiment turns more positive. 

Voxies worked with a preview mode and beta mode afterward, and may move to more active marketing afterward. But the game has already made a splash with the appeal of its character skins. Voxie characters now carry a floor price of 0.49 ETH. The new game generated items will have to go through a new price discovery in their new marketplace. 

The Voxies Tactics game arrived just in time, after the game team started receiving criticism it has not done enough until recently to move the project forward. Still, the VOXEL ICO happened at $0.20 and early investors are mostly in the money. It was the Binance listing that caused a short-term pump and left some early buyers out of the money.

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