Voxies NFT Opens Up for Pre-Season Free Open Beta with VOXEL Earnings

Voxie Tactics launches as open beta with free avatars and items for testing battle mechanics.

Voxies NFT launched its much-awaited open beta for wider community testing. The game will offer a free to play experience with the opportunity to earn VOXEL tokens. Voxies is on track to joining the list of prominent play to earn games.

Voxies is one of the widely circulated play to earn games, with its appealing 3D NFT characters and items. The game is now moving into the next stage with play to earn mechanics. Because Voxie Tactics is a limited-space game, for now, there is no option for metaverse land. However, social media proposals have been made to build a metaverse for Voxie characters to hang out.

The game, known as Voxie Tactics, will not require the purchase of a playable character NFT or in-game items. The launch of open beta follows a previous preview mode. The new game is yet to iron out its rough spots with some of the weapons and items. 

Voxie Tactics will be a turn-based strategy game of battles where the Voxies NFT project will start testing out its mechanics and items. 

The Voxies game already has 10,000 items on the OpenSea marketplace, with 6,500 ETH in turnover and a 0.67 ETH floor price. 

How VOXEL Performs

The native VOXEL asset will be distributed in the beta game for the first time before the launch of tournament-based gameplay. VOXEL trades at $1.81 with a drop of 2.5% in the past 24 hours. VOXEL started trading at the end of December 2021, peaking at $4.62. 

VOXEL trades on relatively low volumes, with the potential for slippage on its Binance International trading pair. With a total supply of just 300M and a current circulating supply of just 36M tokens, VOXEL has seen predictions of following the trajectory of Axie Infinity (AXS). The Voxie Tactics game is not yet that popular, and VOXEL rewards have not been tested in real life. 

But if the popularity of Voxies grows, VOXEL is expected to enter a period of price discovery and reach higher valuations, with $10 envisioned in the medium term.

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