Voxies Adds Dragons, Opens First PvE Competitive Event

Voxie Tactics challenges players with a Dragon Boss, where teams must coordinate to enter the arena, as a single team cannot deplete the dragon’s health bar.
  • Voxie Tactics launches a multi-team challenge with special drops against the Dragon Boss.
  • The game is also carrying highly active NFT characters and items with liquid trading.
  • Voxie Tactics still awaits a mobile game version.

Voxie Tactics, one of the most successful free-to-play and play-to-earn games, is now adding dragons and another competitive element. Until now, Voxies battles were against an adversary team, and hinged on using the strengths of characters, as well as upgradeable weapons. 

Now, Voxies has added dragons to its metaverse, and a challenging boss battle. The PvE event has added another competitive opportunity. Voxie Tactics is still a downloadable game with free options, while the community awaits a mobile release from Always Geeky Games.

The boss fight will follow the usual grid model of Voxies, but will place the overpowered dragon boss at the end of the grid. Players will need to pick the best strategy and place their Voxies to attack and defeat the dragon.

The game boss dragon has a full health bar and the goal is to take it down to zero. The game is set in a way that no team can bring down the dragon on its own – so the arena will be a community challenge. Several teams must unite to bring down the dragon and escape with their lives. The more players arrive in the arena, the faster the dragon is defeated, dropping its final reward.

Voxie Tactics Brings Weapons Upgrades

Just in time for the Dragon Fest, Voxie Tactics also brought a new weapons mechanic to “infuse” items and increase their level. Voxie Tactics was an NFT-first game, and its playable characters remain one of the most active collections even outside the game. For free players, the game offers the same mechanics, though without earning VOXEL tokens. However, weapons and special cosmetic items can still be earned in the game. 

More than 100K Voxie Tactics items have been generated, with a total trade of 492 ETH. Top rare items are offered for as high as 15 ETH.

Voxie Tactics also uses NFT as a source of rewards, in addition to the VOXEL token. The game retains a leaderboard, where the top 5 of players receive three rare NFT each.

Players can still select among 21 playable classes with specific powers, helping them to dominate the simple grid.

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