Bomb Crypto Reaches 1M Avatars Burn, Prepares for Polygon Version

Bomb Crypto is still a top 10 game on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Bomb Crypto opens SEN token web-based staking.
  • Polygon version coming in July with new IDO and perks for old BCOIN holders.
  • SEN token down to $0.02, BCOIN sinks to $0.05.

Bomb Crypto took up an avatar-burning incentive to decrease the number of outstanding NFT. The Hero burn mechanic is part of the Amazon Mode update, where players will need to combine existing NFT and get overpowered versions capable of resistance to hostile natural forces.

Bomb Crypto is one of the most active Binance Smart Chain games, but it has struggled with its tokenomics model and the value of its avatars. The game still invites around 5K players per day, but its BCOIN token is lagging. BCOIN is now down to $0.05 from an all-time peak above $8. 

Bomb Crypto encourages forms of BCOIN staking and has added incentives for SEN, the native token of the Senspark ecosystem. SEN was in a period of price discovery, quickly sinking from trading above $0.71 down to $0.02. 

At the same time, the current low price is boosting SEN staking with a longer-term outlook.

Bomb Crypto is also trying to expand its tokenomics with additional incentives, including a referral program. Long-term BCOIN and SEN owners can also gain access to exclusive IDO sales, making Senspark work as a token sale platform.

SEN can be staked through the website and there is still no in-game staking. The staking form requires a wallet connection, making sure the user is on the right website and not a copy. Withdrawing SEN after the end of staking is subject to fees.

Bomb Crypto Releases Polygon Version

Bomb Crypto is also aiming to reach a wider user audience by creating a Polygon-based version. Polygon, a L2 solution to Ethereum, is a widely used network with similar speed and low fees as in the case of BSC. The Polygon version is coming in July with benefits for current players and another IDO token sale for new players.

BCOIN is still among the top 10 BSC games, competing with the likes of Mobox and Thetan Arena. The game also partners with other NFT collections, offering new NFT in exchange for holding Heroes or BCOIN.

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