What’s Brewing on Avalanche: All-Stars Event Coming June 28

Avalanche brings a growing list of Web3 visionaries for games, finance and NFT ownership.
  • Join TimeShuffle for a fireside chat with top Avalanche projects.
  • Avalanche expands its outreach with Core browser extension app.
  • TimeShuffle reaches out with new potential for early access

Avalanche is quickly switching to one of the hottest attractors of Web3 projects. After building robust liquidity with DeFi and withstanding the bear market, Avalanche showed its potential to build P2E games. 

TimeShuffle, a game aiming at both free and on-chain versions, is organizing a fireside chat event to outline the plans of top 25 selected Web3 projects. Visionaries for all aspects of Web3 will comment on their ideas and progress in building.

The event will open with a discussion on the best tools to thrive in AVAX-based gaming. Ed Chang, Head of Gaming at Ava Labs will hint at the latest ways Avalanche is developing. The event will hint at new developments on TimeShuffle, which has already released the signup for its Founders Pass and off-chain pre-alpha gameplay. Speakers bring in expertise from Kalao NFT marketplace, Trader Joe DEX and Pangolin, Castle Crush game and other top projects.

“We built this event to concentrate experience of building successful games, from reaching out to securing the funding. We want to present the whole picture of how the process works to tap Avalanche for Web3 projects,” said Marco Calicchia, partner at DragonLabz and Head of NFT and Community at TimeShuffle.

Special topics will include Avalanche adoption, in-game earning tools and economics, NFT marketplaces and launchpads, as well as subnet creation and use cases. Discussions will touch on marketing and community building, as well as venture capital flowing into Web3. 

Avalanche recently opened its ecosystem with an even more user-friendly access tool, the Core browser extension. This app will include easier access with fewer clicks to NFT markets, personal collections, other games and apps, opening an intuitive ecosystem for end users. 

Avalanche Builds Business-Ready, Scalable Blockchain

Avalanche has stressed its goal to be a business-ready scalable blockchain, expanding its influence even during unfavorable market conditions. 

The growth of AVAX-based projects will be organic and build new access to liquidity. Currently, Avalanche is also noticing an expansion of collateral deposits on Trader Joe, one of the biggest AVAX-based decentralized exchanges.

AVAX is also trying to recover its market price, trading close to $20 in the past few days. AVAX was also among the biggest gainers in the past week, boosted by news of adoption, adding 18% to its price. The Avalanche ecosystem still holds around $2.6B in notional value.

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