What are Play to Earn Guilds – Best Hubs for Sponsors and Managers

What are gaming guilds for play to earn? How to start top games with no initial investment and access the best scholarships.

P2E guilds are organizations that try to tap the earnings potential of games and NFT airdrops. Guilds work at scale to bring together players and investors. Instead of small-scale sponsorships or manager groups, guilds go a step further, creating a community with multiple P2E options. 

Guilds have always been a feature of traditional gaming, though usually centered on a single game. Such communities also focused mostly on this game’s universe and rules. But a play to earn guild is a different type of entity with multiple concerns and activities. Play to earn guilds can pick a portfolio of games, items, tokens, metaverse land plots or other valuables and benefit from the value generated in a digital environment.

Guilds Onboard Players with Sponsored Items

Guilds will usually try to open access to all interested participants in the P2E ecosystem, while giving them a voice in-game selection, NFT investments, reward schedule and other matters of governance. 

Guild tokens help achieve this governance model. Guilds will issue a native token, which will reflect the value and achievements in the organization. A token means the guild is open for investors, which can buy the asset to trade, as with other crypto coins and tokens. 

Guilds and DAOs

Some guilds operate in the form of a DAO, or a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Owning the guild token, or another form of investment such as an NFT item, may grant voting rights, as well as potentially passive income. Decision-making in a DAO is one of the recently deployed tools for cryptocurrency organizations uniting large groups with open participation. 

What are the Pros of a Guild

A guild can perform wider campaigns to attract players, especially during open season times for popular games. Small-scale scholarships have less time and clout to gain players just when needed the most. 

Guilds can also focus on the most lucrative games, and also buy assets at a discount or coordinate in other ways. 

What are the Cons of Guilds

Game guilds may be tempted to exploit games, as in the case of sharing overpowered Axie Infinity characters. For instance, the Axie game decided to discourage multi-accounting, to make organizations less competitive. Otherwise, guilds may try to outplay the system by sharing overpowered characters, or squelching competition. 

What are Some of the Leading Game Guilds

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is one of the most influential guilds, spanning some of the top most active games with the most significant rewards. 

Good Games Guild is a multi-blockchain guild interested in gamified finance and metaverse projects. The guild’s goal is to onboard millions of players, and reach investors with the GGG token. Good Games Guild is still starting out, with about 400 new players a month.

Guild Fi aims to connect players, communities and NFT asset opportunities, with special focus on metaverse gameplay. This guild started out with a focus on Axie Infinity and Cyball.

Earn Guild offers access to the games and all the assets needed, including cryptocurrencies and wallets to start out. Earn Guild has a selection of 16 top games and recently sold its native token in an IDO. The guild boasts of more than 5,000 scholars playing actively, and is open to new applications.

Merit Circle is a DAO-type guild with governance rights for MC token owners. Heroes of Mavia is one of the most prominent games in this guild, but there are others hand-picked metaverse worlds and MMORPG to choose from.

There are also hundreds of small-scale guilds coming up, with some focused on specific games, such as the Axie Infinity guilds. Not all guilds have the same clout and liquidity, as well as the same earnings potential. Some upcoming guilds, like Rainmaker, are still in the waiting list stage. 

Guilds are no guarantee of earnings, but are a tool to start play to earn without the need for a large initial investment.

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