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Play2Moon is the one-stop hub for crypto gaming and NFT. Learn how to start with play to earn securely and build the best gaming portfolio. We bring you the best communities, playing tricks and earning hints. Make the best of the crossover of gaming and blockchain and play it to the moon!


Track the latest project developments in play to earn. 

Play2Moon covers the latest developments in GameFi. Don’t miss game launches, token price action, the hottest item auctions and the most influential persons in play to earn.

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Learn the basics and build a play to earn portfolio with tips and tricks for beginner, experienced and advanced GameFi players.

Play to earn may sound complicated, but most players are just a few steps away from joining the new hot trend. We will cover all the tools you need to start with play to earn, while pointing out the fine print. Avoid pitfalls, risks and technical errors, while opening up the best play to earn potential. 

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Track and collect data on the leading game projects, new releases and growing ecosystems in the play to earn metaverse.

We look at the established and up-and-coming games, based on our in-house scoring system. Play2Moon offers insights on gameplay, the underlying token economy and value creation, the game community and the strengths and weaknesses of the underlying blockchain platform.