Avocado Token: What is This New Asset and How it Works for P2E

Avocado DAO gathers 11,000 Axie Infinity scholars, aiming to become one of the biggest NFT and play to earn guilds.

Avocado Token is a new project making the rounds with very ambitious promises, including becoming the hottest project for 2022. The new crypto is getting a series of airdrops in March, with the goal of reaching a maximum coverage of owners. 

What is the Goal of Avocado Token

This project aims for what other crypto organizations have done – a mix of an investment opportunity, a gaming guild and a hub to buy and earn from NFT trading. 

The Avocado Token project thus aims to build a DAO, or a decentralized autonomous organization. It will also work as a buyer for valuable NFT items, while distributing the profits down the line. Avocado Token DAO will also work as a gaming guid, to bring players and game environments together and grant valuable items to start play to earn activities at a higher level. 

How to Get AVG Tokens

The AVG token (listed AVO in the white paper and carrying the AVG ticker on CoinMarketCap), the native asset of the Avocado DAO, will be based on Ethereum and use the widely known ERC-20 standard. With this choice, AVG can be sent out to anyone with a MetaMask wallet

AVO tokens are being distributed in a series of airdrops with referrals, through the official social media channels of Avocado DAO. At the end of February, Avocado also completed its first private placement sale, with the potential for a wider public sale some time in 2022. AVG tokens can also be bought on the open market, as announced through the official website. 

The public sale is expected to distribute 39.9M tokens out of a total supply of 1B AVG. A large part of the tokens will be kept in the treasury for future rewards or purchases. The currently listed AVG asset mostly relies on UniSwap V2 trading, and has to keep up its price levels after more than two months of falling from above $2.40 to $0.64.

What is the Goal of Avocado DAO

Avocado DAO claims to bring together 11,000 player scholars, playing Axie Infinity and other games. For now, the focus of Avocado DAO Is to activate player hubs, leading to significant earnings of reward tokens such as Smooth Love Potion (SLP).

Avocado DAO has a ground-level engagement with communities looking for Axie Infinity earnings. 

AVG cannot be staked yet, but in the future, Avocado DAO will also offer this form of passive income. Avocado DAO partners with Animoca Brands, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon and other crypto investment entities.

Is Avocado DAO a Good Investment

The price of AVG may continue to trade with significant volatility. But the DAO, with more than 60K Discord server participants, may join other top Guilds as a source of game income. 

Buying AVG may be risky, but testing the project with airdrop participation may be a good way to gain access and exposure to one of the bigger game guilds.

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