Axie Infinity Enters Next Stage of Lunacia Land Development

Axie Infinity distributes more significant AXS rewards to double the number of players on the leaderboard.
  • Axie Infinity Origin Season 1 brings back the game among top 10 P2E products.
  • Axie Infinity to build more metaverse features for Lunacia land plot owners.
  • AXS remains above $12.50 despite market slide.

Axie Infinity keeps building up its community. One of the game’s main sources of passive income and also engagement come from its metaverse, Lunacia. Owners of land plots will be the ones to build up the simulated environment, as Sky Mavis is working on more buildings and features. 

Players will also be able to build up their mini-nations and generate communities at a grass-roots level.

Recently, Axie Infinity also completed a new patch for Origin, successfully completing its maintenance period. The game team will aim to have minimal changes during Origin Season 1. The latest maintenance took just hours and there may be one more upgrade if needed. 

The new season is now compatible with crafting and de-crafting Runes and Charms, allowing even lower-ranked accounts to gather enough Moon Shards. 

Recently, Axie Infintiy also distributed the Season 1 leaderboard awards in AXS. During its updates, Axie Infinity tried to limit the production of SLP and increase the burn rate through breeding, tournaments and events.

Axie Infinity switched to mostly off-chain activity, and is down to 24.6K players per day. This still ranks seventh based on daily player interest. The game switched from a mass potential for regular income to a game of exclusivity in leaderboards, breeding rare Axies or owning valuable Lunacia land. 

Rare and Powerful Axies Still Retain High Prices

Additionally, in the new marketplace, Axies are curated better, with easier discovery of rare and exclusive NFT. Top Axies keep up relatively high valuations.

Axie breeding is still happening for fun, producing many mixed experimental Axies. But not all those NFT are liquid and will resale, with players trying to be strategic about new Axies. 

Axie Infinity is one of the oldest P2E games that seems to survive the bear market well, still retaining players on its free game. Despite the setback from the Ronin Bridge hack, Sky Mavis has raised enough funds and has strong partners, turning it into an unshakable feature of the P2E and Web3 game space.

Even AXS, the game’s native token, manages to stabilize during market drops, currently standing at $12.62.

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