Axie Infinity: Now All About Rune Crafting

Axie Infinity aims to bring a new store of value, with grinding for MoonShards to craft Runes and Charms.
  • Axie Infinity Origin puts Runes and Charms with disenchantment options for each season.
  • SLP continues to be burned, though price and earnings remain depressed.
  • Demand from scholars is picking up again with new tools for game monetization.

Axie Infinity has shifted its balance from being a grind-type game, and into a more complex strategy tied to crafting and leaderboard participation. Sky Mavis made the shift by introducing Origin updates, with the Runes and Charms crafting mechanics. The creation and usage of those items is one of the most important resources. 

P2E influencers are noticing the shift to more interest in the game instead of grinding out SLP.

Runes and Charms had an update for the latest Origin season, and now players have enough time to de-craft the runes and keep their Moon Shards for the next season. 

Axie Still Relies on Guilds

After the launch of Origin Season 1, there is renewed demand for renting Axies, especially those with powerful characteristics.

Axie Infinity stabilized around 24.7K players per day, still in the top 10 of games. Not all games feature token interactions, hence the new way to estimate the activity on Axie Origin. The game is also playable for free, with no need to buy NFT.

Because of the Axie complexity, new tracker tools and guild tools are an important part of winning. The Sky Mavis team is vigilant about fair matches, trying to control behaviors where players flunk out of matches once they see high-ranked overpowered opponents. In the past, Sky Mavis has banned teams for match-fixing and aims to bring each arena match to a win or loss.

At the same time, Smooth Love Potion (SLP) continues to be burned in various events and small-scale tournaments, in the form of participation fees.

SLP still has a favorable burn/mint ratio, but the accrued supply is still standing and pressuring down the price. SLP remains at $0.003, with short-term rallies to a higher range. 

AXS, the staking token, is at $12.49 after the latest slide of the crypto market. AXS is also earned by early owners of land, depending on their land plot rarity and biome.

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