Axie Origin Enters Phase 3, Opens Playing Season

Axie Origin to offer more than 60K AXS for an expanded leaderboard.

Axie Origin is ready with Season 0, the open testing phase before launching with P2E rewards once again. The season comes with additional tweaks on the Origin game mechanics, after months of fixing bugs and improving battles and scoring.

The two most long-awaited changes will be the introduction of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) into the game economy, as well as leaderboards, preparing Origin to take the place of Axie Classic with regular play seasons. The end of SLP creation on V2 arrives this August 12. Additionally, Season 0 will not mint any new SLP for 30 days until all bugs on leaderboards are smoothed out. As an additional cosmetic reward, players will receive newly introduced stickers based on their rank.

SLP Rewards Migrate to Origin

The SLP rewards will be completely removed from the game’s V2, and current competitors will have time to finish any active tournaments going on now. The goal is to rebalance the game’s economy and mop up some of the excess SLP supply. The tokens will be rewarded to leaders in PvP matches, with the higher ranks receiving larger rewards. The game’s battle mechanics have also gone though tweaks in the power balance.

SLP will have a new role in crafting Charms and Runes, when combined with Moon Shards. The Charms and Runes will appear within the game and can also be minted as NFT on the Ronin network. Runes and Charms require significant resources to be used, and expire after the end of each season. Based on rank, players can choose the Disenchantment mechanic and revert their Runes and Charms to resources, then re-craft for a new season.

The news of new SLP burns and a slower generation schedule lifted the asset’s price to $0.005, the highest level in a month. AXS, the staking token, returned to $18.60, within a realistic distance of reclaiming the $20 levels.

AXS will also play a role in Season 0, with leaderboards paying rewards to the first 20,000 players. This season will have a higher prize pool of 60,708 AXS.

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