Ronin Audit Completed, Bridge to Relaunch by End of June

Ronin, the blockchain carrying the Axie Infinity game, will relaunch its bridge after two thorough audits.

The Ronin network announced it has completed a Certik audit of its RON-ETH bridge. The bridge also carried AXS and SLP versions on the Ethereum network and was used to move Axies. Now, the Axie Infinity and Axie Origin games are relying entirely on Ronin. 

Ronin is, by itself, a highly secure network but its smart contracts still got checked for unexpected exploitable code. Right after the exploit, Ronin and Sky Mavis added extra validators to avoid another situation where the attacker could fake a sufficient number of signatures.

While Ronin is safe enough, the exploit repair may bring more positive reputation to Axie Infinity as it prepares for the upcoming Origin release. The Ronin hack took around $630M in value, and the hackers successfully sold a big portion of the funds.

Previously, Ronin also had another internal and external audit with Verichains, before committing to the Certik process. 

Even after the news of a bridge relaunch, the RON market price remained almost unchanged at $0.27. The Ronin network was launched too late to build up its own DeFi space, and only hosted liquidity mining on the relatively small Katana exchange.

Axie Land Gains Importance

Digital land plots in the various biomes of Lunacia are becoming more important assets. Currently, plots are available for less than $20 in value, and may lead to passive income or resale income. The plots will also produce in-game resources through mining and farming. 

Land staking is one of the next steps in the game’s development, though some of the first land plots were sold more than a year back. 

Land staking will pay out AXS rewards, with outsized earnings for Genesis plots. The AXS token stalled at $14.35 after the most recent correction. SLP remains low despite being used for fees and Axie purchases, to sink to $0.003.

AXS can also be staked directly and build up similar rewards to land, through land plots have additional building and gameplay opportunities.

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