Axie Infinity: Player Count Grows, Content Creators Start to Deliver

Axie Origin is ready with leaderboards, though not yet a full P2E model.
  • Axie Origin to start out with incentives and tournaments, $1M AXS prizes.
  • Attack cards for defeated Axies turn into Revenge Cards.
  • Rare Axies still hold relatively high resale prices.

Axie Infinity is on track to reinvent itself and popularize its Origin update. Social media are seeing an inflow of content creators after Sky Mavis opened its training academy with the goal of helping streamers, video and image creators. 

Recently, Axie Infinity finished Season 21, where the top ranking went to Morfyus League and their recently added scholar Jethro from the Philippines.

Axie Origin is also building its leaderboard mechanics, though still waiting for full SLP compensation in gameplay. 

For now, Origin is played in the free version, though with new Axie minting still happening. Axies, especially rare ones, still retain value. Recently, a special edition Christmas Axie changed hands at 3 ETH.

Axie Game Brings Revenge Battles

Origin battles can become even more appealing with a new class of cards – Revenge. When an Axie is defeated, it will not gain MMR, but its cards will transform into Revenge Cards with a new set of attacks.

The Revenge battle is an element also found in Crabada, where the losing team may choose to gain back its victory.

Axie Infinity Back Among Top 5 Games

After a brief period with limited tracking, Axie Infinity is back on DappRadar to count the newly attracted players. Tracking was limited after the game migrated to Ronin Network. 

Axie Infinity now carries 52.88K players in between seasons, by counting participants on Ethereum and Ronin networks. Statistics show around 12K traders for AXS, SLP and Axies.

The game shows that even with lowered SLP market prices, it remains attractive for its potential to still generate value. The next big event to revive Axie Infinity will be AxieCon, carrying three tournaments with significant prizes in AXS.

Axie gamers continue to flock to ticket-based tournaments, which promise a short game span and a big prize in the end. Grinding is now secondary, attempting to make the game more battle-centric and more engaging to real players.

Rewards also switched to AXS tokens, which trade at $14.05, while Smooth Love Potion (SLP) remains at $0.003 and is not viable as an earnings mechanism.

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